BNS Detox Foot Patches

Concept of Detox Foot Pads

The idea of detox foot pads first came from the concept of trees soaking up water from the soil and purifying it to help in its growth. This concept gave scientists the idea to make something like the detox pads which can soak the toxins from the body through the skin of the foot. they are made up of sap fluids which help to eliminate the toxins through the feet. So the benefits of this kind of detoxification are huge.
Toxins are harmful substances which are accumulated inside the body day after day. Toxins can be a result of the food we intake. Normally we have the habit of eating foods which are made out of fats. We also eat and drink those foods and drinks which contain preservatives and many other harsh chemicals. Moreover we also drink unpurified water and breathe in polluted air. All these practices of ours lead to the accumulation of toxins in our bodies which eventually deteriorate our health. To get rid of the health problems we should try to get rid of the toxins from our body and for this purpose the benefits of detox pads are great.
Detox foot pads help in the release of the toxins from the body. But if you expect it to work overnight you will be disheartened. You can not expect any product to work over night. But after a few days of usage you will see signs which will prove that it is working. So, you will need to use the detox foot pads regularly. What are The. It reduces headaches and sinus congestion immediately. These foot pads reduce stress and thus helps to increase the level of energy. It helps to reduce body weight and also helps to increase the body’s metabolism rate.
The usage of detox foot pads is very simple. You should first wash your feet thoroughly with water and then dry them totally. After that take one pad and peel off the covering and apply it on your foot. Repeat the same with your other foot. The pad should be kept on your feet for around 8 hours. After that you can take it off. The best time to use the detox foot pad is during the night time when you sleep so that you do not have to move about a lot.

Product Description

  • Detox foot patch are adhesive foot pads or patches that manufacturers claim can dramatically improve health when placed on feet during sleep, Detox foot pads contain ingredients such as “distilled bamboo vinegar” that allegedly pull toxins from the body.
  • Our body is like a machine, and it needs to be well oiled to work well, so detox foot patch is very helpfull for our health, The foot pads contain water, as well as a number of other elements to help remove the toxins form the body, all of the impurities in the body are drawn down through the nerve endings in the feet, nerve endings that run from all of the organs in the body.
  • These foot patches work to restore proper circulation to the body, as well as promoting the proper functioning of the different body processes.

Toxin Facts

  • Many people don’t realize that a body overloaded with toxins can become more prone to ailments. These ailments include constipation, stomach bloat, poor digestion, gas, fatigue, weight gain, excessive mucus, inability to concentrate, headaches, blemished skin, poor memory, depression, body odour and bad breath. These symptoms occur because our body doesn’t know how to handle the toxins circulating in the bloodstream and doesn’t know how to excrete them. Because of this, toxins can accumulate into harmful quantities or convert into substances that may interfere with your metabolism.

How It Works

  • It is designed to be placed on any sore part of your body such as feet, knees, ankles, joints and so on. Do it before you go to sleep. The patch will pull out the toxins from the painful spot during the night. An obvious indicator for that will be the changed color and the smell of the patch when you wake up in the morning.
  • However, the best spot to apply the patch is the sole of your foot. Thats because it has more than 60 reflexology meridian points, known as the “second heart”. These points are the reflective zones of your major internal organs and because of the gravity your feet become the most toxic part of your body.
How to use detox foot patch

How to use Detox Foot Patch ?

  • Before bedtime, clean and dry your feet.
  • Prepare two new patches. See Note 2.
    • 1. Remove the cellophane cover from the adhesive sheet.
    • 2. Remove the sachet from its outer bag and stick (the side with the logo) on the sticky surface of the adhesive sheet.
  • Paste one patch over the top / arch / heel of the sole of your left foot and leave it to work. Paste another patch over the top / arch / heel of the sole of your right foot and leave it to work.
  • The next morning, remove the patches from your feet.
  • Check the colour of the sachet on each patch. The colour of the sachet indicates the amount of toxins present in your body, as well as how much more detoxification your body requires.
    • 1. If the sachet appears dark in colour, it means that you will need to continue using the patches on the same part of your body.
    • 2. If there is no change in the colour of the sachet, it may be that there is no toxin to be expelled from that part of your body, or that the patch was applied on an area with too few reflexology points.
  • Throw away the used patches and clean and dry your feet.

Benefits Of Detox Foot Patch

  • Detox foot patch Increase Energy
  • It removes toxins from our body
  • It balance our body
  • It improved blood circulation
  • It helps to better quality of sleep
  • Proper Circulation of Blood in the Human Body.
blood circulation body balance
Improved blood circulation

What is Detox Foot Patch ?

 A Detox Foot patch is designed in order to absorb toxins from the body while sleeping. Every day approximately 400toxins invade our body in the form of food, water, air, alcohol, drugs and tobacco etc. Our body has a natural defense system that works against these toxins but at times is unable to handle the huge amounts of toxins that pollute our systems. .

It took Japanese scientists over 24 years of research to develop this technology. A Detox foot patch is the natural way to assist your body in the removal of heavy metals, metabolic wastes, toxins microscopic parasites, mucous, chemicals and much more. . According to Chinese medical knowledge, our body has over 360 acupuncture points, with more than 60 acupuncture points found on the soles of the feet. Known as the “second heart” on account of the action of pump, which plays a role of lifting the blood up again to the heart by applying pressure whenever a person walks. The blood pays the role of delivering the oxygen, nutrition and various hormones to the entire body after being pumped by the heart and at the same time transmitting the waste materials deposited in the body. If you neglect taking care of the soles then the toxins get deposited and the root cause of the diseases are built up in the body. .

Exposure to toxins also results in sickness, susceptibility to allergies, frequent mood swings, stress, tension, lowered immunity and weight gain. Dark circle under the eyes, swollen joints, pimples, rashes, yellow, green and botched complexions are indicators of a buildup of toxins inside the body. .

Benefits of  BNS Detox Foot Patch : .

• Works on the principles of foot reflexoogy

• Removes toxins from our body

• Improves our immune system

• Promotes better health & longevity .

Foot Reflexology  . Foot Reflexology encourages the body to work naturally to restores its own healthy balance. A toxic body simply cannot maintain the normal cleansing performance required to maintain optimal health. Over time. If these toxins are not removed, they may lead to various debilitating and chronic health conditions. . However, once the various body components that may have been adversely affected by the toxins are cleansed, the body makes its natural adjustments to return to its original state of health. Also, as the body release these toxins, the negative health symptoms that may have been caused by the toxic overload usually start to recede and may even disappear altogether. .

Detox Foot Patch may help revitalize the body, enhance blood circulation , strengthen the immune system, improve quality of sleep and promote better health and longevity.

By placing the Detox Food Patches on the soles of the feet before bedtime, they will unleash the toxins from the body during sleep. Three hours after applying  Detox Foot Patch, the blood circulates to the previously cold foot and the temperature of the foot rises.. .

Detox Foot Patch . Detox Foot Patch may help revitalize the body, enhance blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, improve quality of sleep and promote better health and longevity. By placing the Detox Foot Patches on the soles of the feet before bedtime, they will unleash the toxins from the body during sleep. Three hours after applying Detox, the blood circulates to the previously cold foot and the temperature of the foot rises