Metal Charged Water Therapy

Metal Charged Water Therapy

An Ancient Ayurvedic Therapy

Healing with metals is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy. Metals like gold, silver and copper have been used to treat various health problems in Ayurveda.

Gold water, silver water, copper water means water charged with the healing qualities of these metals. It is known that copper, silver and gold have health benefits for the human body. These health benefits can be transferred to the water which comes in contact with these metals. Before I lay out the method by which this can be done, I’d like to present some information about this therapy.

Some Information About The Use Of These Metals

In ancient times, it was a practice with the Kings and the affluent to use gold and silver utensils and cutlery to serve and eat food, and to store and drink water from these metallic containers.

Mahatma Gandhi said ” It is health that is real wealth and not gold and silver “. So true!

Not only ancient Indians, the ancient Egyptians too used gold, silver and copper vessels and cutlery for the very purpose described above. The Egyptians knew that the 3 metals apart from their aesthetic use provided innumerable health benefits as well.

Ayurveda has from times immemorial suggested using a copper vessels to store water overnight and to drink this as soon as one gets up the next morning. Many Ayurvedic medicines even today use gold and silver ash (bhasm) as one of their ingredients.

Also it was and is a common practice in India to put a gold or silver foil in murabbas, chyawanprash and medicines even today. Paan, the Indian betel leaf mouth freshener and digestive, is covered in silver foil before being given to the customer. All this just shows the importance these metals have on our health and well being.

What Is Metal Charged Water

When metals like gold, silver or copper are put in water for a specific time period, the resultant water gets charged with the health benefitting qualities of the metal.

Some Health Benefits Of Metal Charged Water

Some of these health benefits are :

  • Gold

People suffering from respiratory disease like asthma, breathlessless, diseases of the lungs, heart diseases, brain diseases, find it benefits to consume gold charged water.

Gold benefits the brain, relaxes the body and mind. Cleopatra used it for its benefits to health and beauty. It is also used in China as medicine.

  • Silver

People suffering from digestive problems and organs related to digestion like stomach, intestines, liver etc and those suffering from diseases of the urinary system and organs find it benefits to consume silver charged water.

Silver has anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal properties. In olden times milk was preserved by putting silver coins in it since it kills pathogens of all types instantly.

  • Copper

Those suffering from a number of chronic and complicated diseases like joint diseases, polio, leprosy, high BP, knee pains, stress and mental tension, paralysis find it benefits to consume copper charged water.

Copper is needed by the body for various physiological functions like RBC synthesis, protein metabolism, enzyme activity and benefits the nervous and circulatory systems and bone health.

Gold coins
Gold coins

Silver coins
Silver coins

Copper coins
Copper coins

Things Required & Precautions


10 to 20 grams of gold coins or gold ornaments like bangles, rings, etc.


Ornaments without stones or a lot of joints, like chains or necklaces should not be used for this purpose.


20 to 50 grams of pure silver coins, utensils like small plates or pieces of silver.


Use only pure silver for this purpose.


40 to 50 grams of copper in the form of coins, utensils, small plates or pieces of copper.


Do not use copper wires meant for electric work even if they are new.

All these things can be got from jewellers who should be told that these things need to be pure and for what purpose they are being bought so that you do not end up buying the wrong thing.

Procedure For Making Metal Charged Water & Its Usage

  • Wash the needed metal well with clean water.
  • In a steel vessel (do not use aluminium vessel), put 4 to 5 cups of fresh & clean water. Drop all the metal in this water and keep the water for boiling. Keep boiling the water till 2 cups of water remain.
  • Remove the metals from the water and strain this water through a fine muslin cloth.
  • The resultant water is the metal charged water.
  • Drink 1 cup of this slightly warm metal charged water in the morning and the other cup in the evening.

    However it is better to prepare it fresh each time it is to be consumed. For this purpose take 3 cups of water each time and boil till just 1 cup remains. This can be consume after straining and cooling to the required temperature.

  • If the disease is chronic boil further till 1/2 cup water remains. This will be more beneficial.
  • Do not drink stale water that is water remaining from the previous day. Fresh metal charged water should be made each day preferably each time. also use pure metals.
  • It is not necessary to use all the 3 metals together for making the metal charged water. One can use the metal indicated for the specific disease and make the water.

However many times we are not aware of the exact reason of the disease or health condition. It is therefore better to use all the 3 metals together to make the charged water.


Do not consume sour things like pickles, lemons, limes and the like during the time you are consuming this water.

If this water is taken along with Acupressure therapy then chronic diseases get cured faster.