What Is Palming ?
Palming is a vision relaxation technique which will help you to relax as well as improve your vision. It greatly benefits computer users, voracious readers and other people who strain their eyes a lot. It’s been used since ancient times.

What Are The Benefits Of Palming ?

1. Firstly it greatly reduces stress. You can see the benefits almost instantly. Your eye will actually rejuvenate and feel soft.

2. It helps improve the clarity of the images that you see. After you try this exercise (even once is enough) you will notice that colors are more vivid and you can see everything quite clearly for some time too.

3. Improves concentration because you don’t focus on any problem or issue.

How To Palm Your Eyes ?

Palming is an very easy yet effective technique. Even 5 year old kids can perform it with ease. It just involves a few simple steps and you are ready to go .

Here We Go

Step 1 :- Rub your palms against each other until they become nice and warm. Rub them for approximately 20 seconds.

Step 2 :- Place one palm over each eye. Make sure that your palm does not touch your eyeballs. Also make sure they do not exert any pressure on your eyeballs in any way.

Step 3 :- Rest your shoulders on some surface so that you don’t feel tired.

Step 4 :- Relax your body and then focus only on the darkness around your eyes. Don’t think about the chores you have to do, your work, your kids, your laptop or anything else. Try relaxing every part of your body as much as possible. Forget about every worry you have. The more relaxed you are the darker the black color will be. In the beginning it might be grayish but as you progress it will become darker and darker.

Step 5 :- Be in this state for five minutes. After you open your eyes you will see the difference for yourself.

When To Palm Your Eyes ?

Technically speaking you can palm your eyes any time. You can practice palming particularly when your eyes feel tired.You can palm after you’ve used your computer for quite some time.You can palm when your eyes feel tired or strained.You can palm when your eyes pain or when they are hurt (palm in the relaxation period after you’ve taken care of the hurt) So you’ve got the trick now.