It is time’s call to keep our self healthy, physically and mentally.


Acupressure Mat

Acupressure mat with pyramid shaped elevations and magnets fitted at important reflexology points is a very effective for good health. Magnetic pyramid foot mat is a simple and traditional health care tool (equipment) designed with care and perfection. There is a saying “preventation is better than cure”. This phrase is very much true and what we need to apply in our lifestyle. Competitive work space, work load , fast life , anxiety , depression extracts much from us. Addictive lifestyle , food habit has added some of the unwanted diseases to our body.


We suffer and we rush to a physician. After the diagnosis he prescribes a couple of medicines. We somehow get cured sooner or later. Some time we develop some ailment which remains with us till we live. We can adopt some health tools and holistic lifestyle to live a fatal-disease-free life. We may add some more healthy years to our lifespan.


This acupressure device is one of the best alternate therapy instrument still very affordable and portable health tool. You can easily take this mat with you in your office bag or carry to a vacation place. Just put this magnetic-cum-acupressure pyramid mat on a plain surface and stand on it for 4-10 minutes (you can stand more time if you want to do) twice  daily. While you stand on the pyramid mat, the best thing you can do is upper body exercises like arm rotation , waist rotation ,neck exercises or even rub your palms to each other (rub till you feel heat on palms).


If you are first timer to this device, you will feel prick on your feet sole, because your nerve points are weak at the time. For soft / tender skin, put a thin cloth OR bed coder on the mat and then stand on it. Gradually you will find it very comfortable and by then you will feel renewed energy within you with a better health.


House wife can use it while they are cooking or watching TV. Office executive who spend most of the time at workstations can use this acupressure mat as foot resting pad at their workstation. While on work just rest your feet on it. You can place this


Acupressure pyramid foot mat is very useful for sports persons. If you are an athlete to relax your tied feet and calf muscles, stand for a few minutes on the mat. You will surely feel the massage like relaxation.


Beside above mentioned benefits of the mat, you may count a few more good points or achievements you can get from this:


Sound Sleep : Keep one or more of your mats under your pillow or mattress. Just lay on the bed and breath deeply for about 2 minutes before going to sleep. This will lead to sound sleep.


Enhances memory : Stand on your mat and swing forward and backward by applying pressure on toes and heel for about 3 to 5 minutes.
Why it Works
The Acupressure Mat may help alleviate the symptoms of many ailments that people often resign themselves to living with including backache, sciatica, muscular tension, joint pain, difficulty sleeping, migraine, high stress levels, lethargy and depression.


So, why does it work?


The Mat is made up of 231 Lotus Flowers which have 27 points on each Flower –
ACU.POINTS 1This give a total of over 6,000 points on the Mat.


The Acupressure Mat uses the long recognised benefits of acupressure to help the body to heal itself. When you lie on the mat, the points of the lotus flowers stimulate energies within your body, triggering a sense of wellbeing whilst simultaneously relieving a plethora of symptoms.


How, though, does a session on  the Acupressure Mat relieve pain?


Acupressure is based on the idea that the body has a meridian system, probably best likened to the nervous system, which has pathways running throughout the body in a circuit starting and ending in either the hands or the feet. When you lie on the Acupressure Mat, points within these meridians are stimulated causing a rush of energy throughout the pathways.


Regular use of an acupressure mat may help people who wish to:



Relieve stress
Relieve insomnia
Relieve headaches
Relieve muscle tension
Relieve back pain
Relieve neck pain
Reduce inflammation
Improve blood circulation
Promote relaxation and well-being


In a research study on the benefits of using an acupressure mat, that was performed by Dr. Tanya Zilberter in Hillsborough North Carolina, the following results were reported by participants:


98% reported pain relief
96% reported relaxation
94% reported improvement in the quality of sleep
81% reported an increase in energy levels
“Approximately half of the subject with allergy problems reported their symptoms’ relief.”  Among those who used the acupressure mat while having no particular health problems, more than half nevertheless reported one or more effects of the acupressure mat.
Stand on the Heavenly Mat with bare feet.  After a while you may gently lift one foot up for a stronger effect on the standing foot.
Stimulation of pressure points in the feet, also known as zone therapy or reflexology, is said to affect areas of the feet that practitioners believe correspond with organs in other parts of the body.
Initially you will feel some discomfort as the points press against your skin, Don’t worry its not that bad – over 500,000 Swedes use these Mats all of the time !


This sends messages to the brain indicating that there is a need for some pain relief.Acupressure causes the release of endorphins within the body. Endorphins are our feel-good hormones which trigger a calming and uplifting response in the body. They reduce the sensation of pain and have a positive effect on the emotions.

When you consider that endorphins are widely believed to have similar pain relieving qualities to morphine, it’s easy to see how a session on the Acupressure Mat can benefit someone suffering from persistent pain.


As a result of endorphins releasing, blood pressure decreases and blood circulation improves. Endorphins also rid the body of acid which is of great benefit in relieving joint pain and digestive disorders.


This blood flow and endorphins continue to ease your pain and also relax you.


If don’t you have any pain, it will lift your spirits, as well as relax you.


Believe it or not –  it becomes so relaxing that many people fall asleep on the Mat

Dr.Idris modi