Smile Therapy

Smiling is as Rewarding to Our Brains as Eating Chocolate

When we smile, the pleasure center in our brain gets rewarded in the same way when we eat chocolate. A British scientist found that a single smile generates the same level of brain stimulation as that of 2,000 chocolate candy bars. So how happy can we make ourselves, if we smile and eat c


Smiling like everything else about people is more complicated than we probably have given thought to. It is a powerful expression that spans across generations. It is gift of warmth and welcoming that we show someone else. It is a gift we give ourselves to better our mood, for a happier disposition, and to gain pleasures that give us all positive rewards.

Dr Fatema Mandviwala 

What Is Smile Therapy?
When we smile, endorphins, serotonin and natural pain killers are released through our bodies. Studies have affirmed that people suffering from manic depression can be entirely cured with daily 20 minute sessions where the patient simply sits and smiles! When we smile our body actually creates the physiology of happiness and health. Smiling lowers blood pressure and boosts immunity and also reduces stress. This assists us in maintaining health and energy throughout our day and hold a better mental attitude, which helps us with all the tasks we must take care of each day.

Smile Therapy

**Produces more happiness   hormones than chocolate

**Improves your appearance
Cures depression

**Boosts immunity

**Significantly reduces stress

**Lowers blood pressure

**Significantly improves overall health
How to Utilize the Benefits of Smile Therapy
Pick a time during the day when you have some space. Maybe when you first wake up, or when you go to sleep or meditate. And smile and smile and smile. Smile until it becomes deeply real for you. Experience every cell of your body smiling. Do it for any time between 5 and 20 minutes. Try it out every day for 10 days. If it works for you, you’ll have a wonderful new tool.

Spiritual Development

Smile Therapy is an incredible way to engage in the spiritual development of your being. When we uplift everyone around us with this inspired mood. We are able to see the solutions to problems effortlessly, we promote harmony and grace in our relationships and in our lives.

The Benefits of Smiling

A simple smile can do wonders in ones life; a smile brings joy, elation, euphoria, positivity, friendship, love, and success. When a person wears a smile upon their face it bring positivity and happiness to all of those who surround them. A smile shows confidence and strength. A smile can shine through the dark and drag happiness out of misery.

How One Smiles

A smile is a facial expression that shows happiness in a person. Smiling is a universal symbol of joy and is a communication tool in humans. When one is smiling it is noticed by others and is communicating that one is approachable and enjoyable. This facial expression is formed by flexing the muscles at both ends of the mouth and throughout the mouth. By flexing these muscles, it stretches the mouth outward, forming a smile that is either open (to show teeth) or closed. The wider the smile, the more approachable one seems.

Why One Smiles

There are so many reasons why a person would smile. One smiles because they feel joy, happiness, euphoria, and elation. One smiles when they hear or see something funny. One smiles when they are in love. One smiles when they partake in an enjoyable and fun activity. One smiles when they feel embarrassed. One smiles to be polite. One even smiles when they are trying to fake happiness, to cover up underlying emotions and fears. A smile is perceived to be an outward sign of self-confidence and internal satisfaction, and a real smile has a genuine effect on others while a fake smile is usually noticed and does not have a profound effect on others.

The Benefits of Smiling

Smiling Will Make Others Happy

When others are having an off day or a bad day, seeing someone with a bright and beautiful smile on their face will immediately make them feel happier. Smiles are incredibly contagious and they spread like the flu.

Smiling has Health Benefits for Anyone who Wears it

There are so many health benefits in a simple smile. Some benefits are obvious while others are surprising, but if one can benefit physically and emotionally from wearing a simple smile upon their face, why not smile more? Just smile, it will allow you to live longer and have a more enjoyable life.

The many health benefits of smiling include (but not limited to):
**Lower heart rate: smiling slows the heart rate and relaxes the muscles in the body, allowing the heart to work properly without overworking, decreasing the chance of heart failure and disease.

**Stress reduction: stress is a very common and huge problem among many people across the globe. Stress is caused by numerous factors and everyone reacts differently to high amounts of stress. Some people react very negatively to stress which causes many health problems throughout their lives. Smiling releases endorphins that counteract and diminish the stress hormones. If one is stressed it is always best to take a break and do something else that is enjoyable and will make one smile.

**Mood elevator: Endorphins do more than just alleviate stress in ones life, they lift ones mood, making them feel happier and better all around.

**Increase in productivity: smiling increases productivity while performing tasks. People who enjoy the work that they partake in, smile more, and therefore are more productive and successful.

**Encourages trust: studies have shown that people are more trusting in those who wear genuine smiles on their faces. Trust is crucial in social surroundings, and smiles make it so that people are able to trust in others.

**Produces empathy: many people smile when they are caught doing something they should not be doing or they are embarrassed by their actions. The smile response tends to break the ice of others reactions toward the action that caused the embarrassment and makes others feel empathy toward the questionable action(s).

**Natural pain killer: smiling and laughing is a way to releases natural endorphines that relieve pain.

**Increases positive attention: when a person smiles, laughs and is genuinely happy, it increases positive attention and attracts more people. When people

The Advantage of Smiling; Put on Your Happy Face

The value of a smile cannot be underestimated. I am a born smiler and it has been a valuable asset.

Here you will find reasons, why you should adopt the “smile habit” as well!

“Smile and the Whole World Smiles with You”…do you remember that song?

Google Search the term “the benefits of smiling” and you will get tons of results and it seems to be going up each day!

I had to keep changing the amount of results so for now I will stop posting ! Do you need any more evidence?

So put on your happy face already! It does not cost a dime and your face looks so much prettier with a smile gracing it!

A happy face does more than just improve your appearance!

“A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks”.

– Charles Gordy

There is a Difference Between a Fake and a Genuine Smile!

A real smile can’t be faked! Hmm. I think we all know that by observing people. You don’t know why, but something tells you when someone is faking it. There is scientific proof from studies done that real smiles go all the way to the eyes, while fake ones involve only the muscles around the mouth.

Genuine smiles are involuntary and can’t be conjured up at will…so practice at being happy and smiling when you are truly “blissed out” will give you the ability to do one of those smiles that light up a room… those are the ones that are contagious. Did you ever look at a smiling baby and felt compelled to smile back? That was a real smile at work!

We have a choice at any given moment…

To smile or not to smile. There is data to suggest, even if you do not feel like it, if you smile, your mood will improve. Personally, I think it is worth a try, at least your co workers will feel better!

“Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”

– Mother Teresa

So from now on, smile even if you don’t feel like it. Maybe, just maybe, a few hours later you will find you are doing it naturally! After all, two million websites endorsing it can’tallbe wrong!

Change your expression to change your mood!