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                        COLOUR THERAPY
Surya Chikitsa or Color Therapy is a drugless method of treating the diseases by using different colors from sunlight. The rays of the sun contain all the essential elements needed to reestablish and maintain the health of the human body. Sun rays are made-up of seven colors – (1) Red (2) Yellow (3) Orange (4) Green (5) Blue (6) Indigo (7) Violet.

These colors can be seen in rainbow. These seven colors have different qualities. In the other words there are only 7 medicines for all the bodily ailments. The law of nature is that where there is light, there is energy and there is life. There is coolness, heat and weight in colors. Place a thermometer in a glass of water and throw rays over it. Red rays will show heat and blue rays will show coolness. This proves the above fact.


The history of color therapy is very ancient. Indian Vedic scriptures have mentioned the significance of these colors. This system was first practiced in India by Indian Rishis (Indian Saints). Then slowly this knowledge reached to China, Egypt, Greece and spread throughout the world. According to the basic principles of Surya Chikitsa or Color Therapy, human body is composed of different colors and lack of any color in our body gives rise to disease. A man is said to be in a state of health as long as the colors of the spectrum are in a harmonious state in his body. The body parts, which are visible, have different colors and so have the internal organs. The brain, eyes, lungs, heart, liver, intestines, kidney, bones, blood have different colors. When closely examined, even the smallest cell of the body is found colored.

During the state of disease, there is a disturbance in the balance of colors in the human body. When a disorder arises, besides its chemical balance, its color balance too is affected. Surya Chikitsa or color therapy restores the chemical and color balance of the body and cures the disease. Color therapy removes the foreign matter from the system that causes disease. It removes the disorder from the root cause and permanently suppress the disease.

This is a universally accepted fact that development of all living forms of life depends mainly on solar energy. Today solar cells can produce electricity and can run cars, trains etc. When the sun is the life force of all living things, the efficacy of colors, which are emitted from the sun rays, can hardly be doubted. An experienced naturopath can use seven colors for curing different ailments, but for the ordinary person, following four groups will be helpful for treatment:

1.Red, Orange and Yellow


3.Blue, Indigo and Violet

4.White Solar Charged Water

Red, Orange, Yellow Charged Water
Nature: Stimulating, expanding and heating property.

Properties: Orange color mainly affects the stomach, liver, spleen, kidney and the intestine. It improves the blood circulation and tones up the muscles. It is helpful in cold, anemia, low blood pressure, rheumatism, sexual weakness, sprains, polio, paralysis, constipation, brain disorders, indigestion, diabetes and eye defects. This water removes weight and removes weakness. It also increases milk in nursing mother’s breasts. It enhances mental power, willpower, intelligence and courage.

Precaution: It is injurious in cases of fever, boils, inflammatory disorders, when nerves are very active and in case of high palpitation of heart.

Green Charged Water
Nature: Neutral, harmonizing and eliminating.

Properties: It builds up muscles and gives energy. It strengthens the nerve center and purifies the blood. And it helps to expel foreign matter from the body and helps to perk up body and mind.

Benefits: It is a mixture of yellow and blue color. It is the king of colors. It keeps the body chemistry well balanced. Being highly medicinal and depressive, it is of great help in the treatment of inflammatory conditions, fevers like typhoid and malaria, liver trouble, eye trouble, indigestion, small pox, boils, pimples, skin trouble, eczema, nightly seminal ejaculations, diabetes, boils, ulcers, headache, nervous trouble, dry cough, cold etc.

Blue, Indigo, Violet Charged Water
Nature: Contracting, cooling and soothing.

Properties: It is a good antiseptic. It removes swelling caused by wind and help in curing burning sensation of any kind. It affects mostly the mouth, throat and the above part reaching the brain. It increases and stimulates the hormones and the antibodies. This water increases the resistance of our body from bacterial diseases. This color is related to human mentality.

Benefits: It is useful in skin diseases, high blood pressure, old ulcers, abdominal colic, dysentery, arthritis, over fatigue deafness, migraine etc. It is as helpful medicine in easing childbirth. It is very effective in high fever and headaches, and removes burning sensation from the body. It cures excessive bleeding during menstruation, and is an effective medicine in tonsillitis, swelling of gums, toothache, pyorrhea and other aliments of the throat. If one gets burnt on any part of the body, pouring blue waters or oil and giving blue rays on the affected part, will give him a quick recovery and will also help in removing the burning sensation.

Precaution: Injurious in paralysis, colds and anemia.

White Solar Charged Water
It can be prepared by keeping the water for 8-10 hours in direct sunlight. A liter of this water should be taken every morning. Those who are sick and sensitive can first start with 1 glass of water and gradually increase the amount. This water should be taken empty stomach in the morning. Without brushing your teeth. Nothing should be taken (tea, coffee, or breakfast) with in one hour after taking this water. Other color charged waters could be taken after 45 minutes if needed.

Method To Prepare Colored Water
Colored water (water treated with different color rays of the sun) can be prepared, by exposing water in transparent glass bottles of desired color in sunlight for 6-8 hours. To prepare blue water, use blue color bottle. If colored bottle is not available warp white bottle with transparent colored sheets. After treating the water keep it for 1-2 hours to cool and then use it. Color combination described in ancient books Red, yellow and blue are the original natural colors. By mixing these colors other colors are formed. Red color when mixed with yellow color in equal proportion produces orange color and yellow color. If mixed with blue produces green color.

Color Combination
Red and yellow make orange, blue violet make indigo. Yellow and green make lemon. Green and blue make turquose. Red and violet produce magenta. Magenta and red make scarlet. Blue and red make purple/ violet. Yellow and blue make green. Orange and violet make brown. Green and orange make olive. Green and violet make slate.

Sun Bath
The exposure of body to sun rays at a particular time is termed as sun bath. It has many medicinal values. Sunlight is of prime importance for maintaining good health. Out of the five naturopathy. Sun bath should be taken early in the morning. Sun showers three types of rays upon us. These are:-

Rays of visible (white) light: Sunlight has seven different colors, which can be seen during rainbow. They are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Each color has an effect on the body.

Infra red rays: These rays generate heat, and are beneficial in the winter. They have a good effect on the body. It relaxes the muscles, reduces swelling and removes pain.

Ultra violet rays: When these rays are exposed on the skin, vitamin D. is produced. Sunlight is the best available source of vitamin D. Ultraviolet rays keep the skin healthy, cures disease of the bone known as ‘Rickets’.
Sunlight is beneficial for the whole body. Sunlight destroys certain bacteria and disease spreading germs. It increases red blood corpuscles and white blood corpuscles in the blood and helps to increase the natural resistance of the body. It is beneficial in rheumatism, lumbago, backache, gout, cramps and loss of appetite. Sunlight helps to develop the size and the strength of the muscles. It is also useful for pregnant lady. She gets relief from fatigue, backache, over stimulation etc

Points To Remember While Taking Sun Bath
During sun bath, minimum possible clothes should be worn. The mild sunlight of morning and evening is to be taken. The intense sunlight of the mid day should be avoided. Do not look directly into the sun. Eyes should be closed and head should be covered during sun bath. Initially, the duration of sun bath sho sunlight of the mid day should be avoided. Do not look directly into the sun. Eyes should be closed and head should be covered during sun bath. Initially, the duration of sun bath should be 5 minutes. This time can be increased gradually. In summer, it should be taken for 15 minutes and for 50 minutes during winter. It is advisable to take a cold water bath after sun bath. If cold water bath is not possible, body should be wiped by a piece of cloth dipped in cold water. Sun bath should be taken in a place, which is sheltered from direct wind. It should not be given to patients suffering from fever or acute pulmonary tuberculosis.