Meditation Therapy
Meditation therapy has been used all over the world for many years and is scientifically proven to have many health benefits. Meditation therapy can manage pain and reduce stress and the great thing is that anyone can do it. Using meditation therapy is such a natural and safe way to treat and heal your self. To meditate, you need to change your brainwave state into theta, which is relaxing, or alpha, which is resting. When you are able to make your brain rhythm slow down in this way, your heart rate, metabolism and breathing rate slow down and your blood pressure lowers. Natural painkillers called endorphins are released into your system when your mind is calmed like this.There are many meditation techniques. Concentrative meditation is when you sit or lie comfortably and focus on your breathing. To practice mindful meditation, you relax comfortably and observe your surroundings without forming judgments or thinking about anything. For transcendental meditation, you need to close your eyes and try to empty your mind. This might need practice if you are not used to doing it as you will find that thoughts rush in, but after a while, you should find that you can clear your mind of thoughts and induce a comfortable and relaxed state.Meditation therapy is widely practiced and can relieve nervous system complaints such as headaches, depression, stroke, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. If you suffer from digestive system concerns, meditation therapy could help you to treat such ailments as irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, Crohn’s disease and nausea. Rehabilitation from addictions such as drugs, smoking or alcoholism can be helped by meditation, as can asthma, acne, AIDS and various sexual problems.

Meditation has no negative effects, only good ones. So if you are suffering from an illness, whether mental or physical, it is worth trying meditation therapy as a means of relief or cure. Even if it does not completely cure your ailment, meditation does relieve stress, improve your health in general and encourage beneficial deep breathing. It can also relieve acute or chronic pain so is definitely worth a try since a natural healing process is always preferable to medicinal drugs.

Meditation is the process of making your mind quiet. In the hustle of busy life, we usually forget ourselves in this crowded world. Living for family, friends, parents, children and relatives; is all we are left with. Hence, we end up in stress, distress and various diseases. After quieting your mind, Meditation helps you in listening to yourself, your body and your soul. This process takes you to the world that resides inside you and then you realize how beautiful you are.

In the rush of life, you may get some stains and scars. Meditation helps you in rejuvenating and cleaning out all the odds. It is more like bathing to clean your body; Meditation helps in cleansing and purifying your soul. Let’s take a look at what all can Meditation do for you:

1. Improves concentration.
2. Improves health.
3. Works on sensitivity, making you less bothered of little issues.
4. Helps in understanding yourself.

These are just basic things that meditation does. Apart from this, it also gives various health benefits. You will experience everything once you will practice it.

A mid adult woman sitting on the grass
How To Meditate?
Easiest way to achieve peace tranquility is Meditation. But, the question comes – How to Meditate? We think that we already know; but when we start doing this simple thing, it gets difficult. 6 Steps To Start Meditation: 1] Choose Your Sacred Place:
In order to meditate properly, you need to search for a suitable place first. If you have a spare room away from any type of noise, it is amazing. But, if you don’t then you can adjust in your bedroom. Spare a corner in your room, which is free from any disturbance. It would be better if you can sit on a stool. Cover the stool with white cloth. Keep some nice aromatic candles around or you can use incense sticks for fragrance. Further, you can keep some flowers around you to make you feel refreshed. The light should be natural. If it is night then preferably your room should be dark. However, if it is difficult, you can put up some candles or a lamp would also do.

2]Prepare Yourself Physically:
The next step is to prepare yourself for perfect meditation. Take shower, wear clean loose clothes (preferable cotton and white) and don’t wear any type of accessory. It would be better if you can wear clothes as less as possible. Basically, you should have a feel that you aren’t wearing anything. Your body should feel free and out of any type of bound. Your breaths should be long and deep keeping you relaxed.

3] Prepare Your Mind:
Now when you are ready for this mesmerising experience, you also need to prepare your mind. Whenever somebody asks you to sit calm and not think anything, your thinking process gears up. No matter how hard you try, but it gets impossible to stop the thinking process. As thinking is not in our control, we set a focus for our brain to help us concentrate on meditation. We focus only in our imagination while keeping the eyes closed. With closed eyes, you can focus on a point, or you can take yourself to a beautiful garden or a beach.

4] Some Mind Soothing Music:
Music plays a very pivotal role when it comes on mood. So, if you are going on meditation, play some soothing instrumental music matching your ecstatic world where you are going for meditation.

5] Start Meditating:
Let’s take garden as an example. Decorate your garden as per your wish and sit at the most mesmerising place there. (Remember, everything is happening in your imagination.) Now, concentrate on one image or face you believe in most; be it your mentor, God, or a Holy symbol like ‘ALLAH’. Just focus and absorb everything out there. Now, you exist in that world. The new world is very beautiful and you are there to absorb the eternal bliss. All the cries of life are going out and the positive cosmic energies are illuminating your body. You are now purest of your form. You have taken out all the negativities of your body and there is no restraint on anything anymore. You are a free bird and can flee to anywhere you wish to. Stay in this situation as long as you want to and move out of there slowly with a promise that you will come back soon. But leave the place immediately if your thoughts are taking you back in your room or home. Don’t mix these two worlds because you need to go here everyday for rejuvenation. Keep your sacred place in a corner, away from all the hassles of your life.

6] Smoothly Close The Process:
Once you are out of your beautiful world and in consciousness again, revise the entire event and sum up the conclusion. You will find out many hidden things about yourself during the process.

Now, when you are done with it, take a deep breathe and feel the rejuvenated you. Come to your role of life again and start doing your regular day-to-day work.

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