Sujok Therapy – Menstrual Problems

There are those lucky women who experience no pain during their menstruation period, there are those that have slight pain and there are those unlucky ones for who get their private experience of a several-day hell, month after month. Women in the latter group often can’t even go to work or school and have to resort to anesthetic medicine to cope with pain. For some women the pain could last for two to three days after the period is over. The pain is typically accompanied by uterine cramps, also known as dysmenorrhea.It is possible to get rid of pain during menstruation and uterine cramps or to at least considerably reduce it using Su Jok therapy, which each person can do on their own and requires no visits to doctors or medicine use.


This alternate therapy has been evolved by south Korean scientist Prof. Park Jae woo. This therapy when compared to other method of alternate treatment, sujok is simple & uncomplicated,It can be compared with the best self cure methods known to man today.The high effectiveness & simplicity of the sujok therapy helps its rapid spreading in various countries among therapists & patients.

Sujok is a special science, which exclusively deals with acupressure. It is a method to heal the diseases by stimulation of the hands and feet with a combined use of acupuncture, finger pressure therapy or even with a blunt needle or tip of the ball- point pen.

It is a simple method and can be learnt within few minutes.

Prof. Park Joe Woo, a Korean by birth is the originator of this therapy ‘. The treatment involves only hands and feet and hence a simple method to follow and practice.

According to this science the human body is replicated on our palms and feet in a miniature form . It is said that any layman can learn it and practice it without the fear of side effects. It is highly cost effective too.

A diagram depicting the various organs that are represented on our Hand

The torso is reflected in the palm whereas the head and neck are represented on the thumb. The forefinger and the little finger correspond to the hands whereas the middle fingers to the legs
(see diagram).

Even random pressure on these points can help ease pain in the representative body part. This can even happen unknowingly as it is a

Self-Treatment Technique
First you need to find the areas on your hands that correspond to the problematic areas in your body according to Su Jok. The areas to be treated are uterus, ovaries and hypophysis. The corresponding areas on your hands can be seen on figure 1.

Step 1
Now massage these areas using a little stick with a not too sharp edge (a toothpick with a broken sharp edge, ball pen without ink and will do). Find most painful points of these areas and press these points with a moderate effort and begin a slow rotation of the stick in two directions ( figure 2 ). Continue massaging those areas for several minutes and the pain should disappear.If a discomfort is still felt, continue with the following steps:

Step 2
Do the following step only if you don’t have strong bleeding at this moment. If you do, skip to step 3. Heat up the same points using Moxa.

Step 3
Massage the proximal phalanx on each finger using a spring ring as shown on figure 3.You can order the spring ring from Internet. If you can’t find one use an ordinary elastic band. Make a longitudinal movements along a phalanx.Repeat this step a few times a day.

Step 4
Finally apply seeds to these points. You can use apples, pears or grape seeds.