Weight lose therapy




Obesity is a major problem of this modern age…The life style we live in, is  in-return giving nothing but Obesity and along-with many serious health issues, like :

Blood pressure.
Heart disease.
Diabetes etc..

We all love to live healthy life, without the above mentioned health hazards of obesity and also we desire to look good, but then are we really concentrating upon fulfilling our wish ?

Obesity is nothing but the carelessness towards our health and carelessness has no age.

One can develop fats easily and in any age.. But when it comes to lose that fat, believe me it is highly difficult.

Yet your burning desire and dedication can give you results, and yoga can also help you tremendously for the purpose.

One such yoga is “Padvritasan”

Let’s see how to perform Padvritasan:*******************************

The best time to perform this yoga is early morning and on empty stomach. Further, one may perform Padvritasan anytime during the day and night but on empty stomach or two hours later from meals or breakfast.


Let’s go through the steps of Padvritasan:

1: Lie down straight on your back over mat. (Not Mattress).

2: Place ur hand straight and partly below ur buttocks.

3: Take a deep breath from nose and raise ur right leg straight up and release your breath with slightly parted mouth.

4: Now again take a deep breath and rotate your upholded leg making a big circle (as big as u can) in air clockwise.Once u complete a circle, release your breath with slightly parted mouth.

5: Continue this act with right leg for ten times. Means till count ten.

6: Then place ur right leg down and continue the same act with ur left leg.

7: Then place your left leg down ans raise straight ur both legs together and continue the same for ten times.


This way your one session/set of Padvritasan is successfully over.

Now relax for few seconds and start second session, in exactly same manner you did before,  but now do it anticlockwise..

This way u need to do atleast 10 sessions a day for better and faster results.

5 in morning
5 in evening

If you will perform this yoga seriously and accurately u will see results within 15 days itself.

Padvritasan targets your belly, butts and thighs all together.


Remember :

** While you are rotating one leg, other should be straight on mat, as well as hands should be straight on mat and below buttocks.

** Five sessions a day is also ok, but then it may take a month for the results and not 15 days.

** Results may vary from person to person,depends upon the accuracy of performance.

** Once this yoga is performed, food should b taken after two hour of it’s completion only.

** You may feel hungry, tired and may also experience pain in your inner thigh and belly muscles, this is because Padvritasan works effectively on ur muscles, hence no need to worry. The pain will disappear once you will become regular to this asan.

** To avoid hunger and tiredness,  after yoga go for a glass of water and shower.

** Those women,  facing excessive menstrual  bleeding problems should avoid this yoga during menstrual cycle.

** Pregnant ladies should strictly avoid this yoga, however after delivery they can adopt it.

** The breathing part of Padvritasan  should be perfect and accurate.

** Healthy diet is although necessary for best results.

Have A Healthy Life Forever