Grief Release Therapy 

Experience of loss, breakup of a relationship, or the death of a loved one, is something that everyone on the planet will have to deal with. It is something which hurts the heart and leaves us with an emptiness that is difficult to fill, which is called as “Grief”.

Grief is a natural, healthy emotion and is an important part of being human. But it is also important to know how to deal with it. It differs from person to person. To some people grief is manageable and to some it is not.

To remain silently  stuck with grief, will give u nothing but ruin your life as well as of those who are related to you. It will lead u towards depression and illness. Hence It’s better to let go grief… We are not saying to let go the memories but let go the grief and be positive. It is actually important to express the grief but in a healthy manner and feel relaxed.

So how do we express grief in a healthy way? This is what we would like to share with you all.

How To  Release Grief


Because grief is associated with the lungs, the way to release it most effectively is through deep breathing exercises. By deep I mean by breathing into the diaphragm and filling the lungs to capacity, that is
(Breathesol Therapy).

Breathesol becomes  more powerful when breathing is with visualization, which helps to cleanse, detoxify, and release grief from the body.

Below are some breathing exercises for releasing grief.

Breathing Exercise 1-
Deep Breathing
(Breathesol Therapy)

Breathe in through your nose and think of breathing in all the way to your belly, taking is as much air as possible. Once the lungs are completely full, hold the lungs full for a count of five. Once you have counted to five, exhale through your mouth from the very bottom of your Lungs until they are completely empty. Do this three times. This exercise should be done three times daily.

Breathing Exercise 2
(Breathesol With Healing Sounds)

Find a comfortable place to sit with both feet flat on the ground. Place your hands in your lap, left over right. Mentally locate your lungs in your chest, and connect to them. The more clearly you are connected to them, the better and quicker the results.
Practice the breathing technique from above, filling your lungs (through your nose) to capacity. Do this a few times and really connect your awareness to your physical lungs in your chest. As you exhale, tilt your head back with teeth loosely clenched, tongue pressed gently to the roof of your mouth.
Exhale while making an ssssssssssssss sound. Repeat at least three times. Do as many times as you wish, but always in multiples of three. You are breathing out the toxicity and negative energy in your lungs. You are literally breathing out the grief and sadness.
The more you do this exercise, the more grief you release and the better you will feel.

Breathing Exercise 3
(Breathesol With Love and Light Technique)

This technique uses two things along with deep breathing. Love and light. The colour associated with the lungs is white, so we will invision white light.
If your grief is the loss of a person, imagine a happy time or funny situation you shared with them. This will cause you to smile and feel love, this energy is  to heal the lungs. Use this technique after doing the healing sounds exercise.
Using the same breathing technique as the healing sounds, take this love energy after a deep breath (through the nose) and hold the breath while directing the love energy down into the lungs. Exhale through the mouth. Send the love energy down into the lungs as many times as possible, at least three times. Sense the love energy in your lungs.
Use the same breathing technique but now, when holding your breath, picture white light flooding your lungs and filling them to capacity. This is white, healing light. Exhale through the mouth. Repeat at least three times and repeat as many times as possible in multiples of three. Sense the white light healing your lungs, and you will feel healed…

Beneficial Foods.

Below is a list of foods that are beneficial for the lungs. Since these foods strengthen the lungs, eating them will give the lungs the energy they need to help you to move through your grief more quickly.~ Garlic