Grounding therapy

 Energy Medicine for Grounding

When we find ourselves getting easily stressed out, reacting emotionally to even slight disturbances, unable to truly focus, feeling irritable and just out of sorts, we are not grounded.  Just as our electronic devices need to be grounded, so do our bodies.  Grounding allows us to stay in the present, to not worry about the past or future.  In order to have energy flowing through our meridians properly, we humans need to be grounded to Mother Earth.  This connection allows excess energy to flow from us and also allows us to draw energy from the Earth.  There are several exercises we can do to restore ourselves to a grounded state:

Get out in Nature everyday.  Even better – get out in nature barefoot.  Get your feet in the grass or on the sand.  For a great energy exchange, hug a tree.  Even just a brisk walk will clear your head.

The Wayne Cook PostureSit in a chair with feet flat on the floor.  Rest the right ankle on the left knee.  Hold the right ankle with the left hand.  Reach over the bottom of the right foot and grab the ball of the foot with your right hand.  Once situated, take 5-6 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.  As you breathe in, pull your torso back slightly and lean forward slightly as you breathe out.  Switch legs and repeat on the other side.  Uncross legs and bring your hands together in prayer position with your fingertips touching and the thumb between your eyebrows.  Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth several times relaxing into your own breathing.  Slowly stretch your thumbs across your forehead and relax your arms.

immune2The Hook-up.  Place one middle finger in the navel and your other middle finger at the third eye (between the eyebrows).  Gently press in and lift up on your inhalation.  Hold for 30 seconds. Then exhale and repeat 3-4 times.

Connecting Heaven and Earth. Place your hands on your thighs, palms flat.  On the inhalation, circle your arms around and bring your hands together in a prayer position.  Exhale through your mouth.  Inhale through your nose as you stretch one arm up and one arm down with palms flat.Stretch, reach and hold for several seconds.  Then exhale through the mouth as you bring your hands back to prayer position.  Switch arms and repeat.  Do each side 2-3 times.  Now fold forward at your waist with arms hanging down and knees slightly bent.  Take two deep breaths before slowly swinging your arms in Figure 8’s as you bring them up over your head.  Now let the energy trickle down over you.  Take a moment and be in gratitude.

The Art of Grounding Brings Abundance

What are you desiring to create in your life? Are you living an abundant life? Does abundance only refer to wealth? Absolutely not. An abundant life can be full of love, opportunity, education, service (giving and receiving), experiences, laughter, self- development and so much more. Most of us want one or all of these things manifested fully in our lives. We can have them by developing the art of grounding.

When our energy is scattered, that which we manifest in our lives is scattered. Even if we want peace and abundance in our lives, it will not come if we are not grounded. When we are grounded on a consistent basis, the natural abundance of the Universe will flow through us because we have calm and steady minds and bodies. We become a vessel that can accept that bounty.

Using the exercises above will get you on your way to consistent grounding. It may seem time consuming at first. Yet, as you make it a daily habit to become grounded, you will see that the grounding effect will last a longer time period. In the beginning, you may need to do The Wayne Cook Posture, The Hook-up and Connecting Heaven and Earth multiple times a day in order to be grounded. Over time, however, you may only need to do these exercises once daily or as needed. Eventually you may get to where you are more attuned to your body’s energies and will know immediately you need to ground yourself for better support. This is when you can truly see the abundance overflowing in your life. Your vessel will be full.

The greatest blessing of abundance flowing in your life, is the ability to share it with others. That is the key to maintaining an abundant life. No matter how scattered we are in this moment, we can each have an abundant life by developing the skill of becoming and remaining more grounded.