Yoga Therapy To Overcome Loneliness

Kundalini Yoga


In today’s society there is a strong trend towards separation. More and more relationships break down. More and more people are permanently alone.

Lonliness is a feeling which however differes from person to person. Some people feel happy as singles, some feel unfortunate, while some live in the area between. The same goes with the people in partnership… An individual even in relationship can feel lonely due to the lack of a perfect bonding…

Well… Working towards the Inner happiness can benefit each category, especially singles who consider, being alone as a source of unhappiness. And yoga is a best way indeed to proceed with the cultivation of inner happiness.

Yoga can help to lift your spirits’ challenge you to turn inwards so you can find the root of your loneliness and find empowerment, emotional freedom, and resolution. Yoga postures or asanas are specifically designed to prepare your mind and body for meditation techniques which actually helps in achieving the perfection in treating the cause..

One such yoga to deal with loneliness is “Kundalini Yoga”

This Yoga targets the specific glands in the nervous system including the pineal and pituitary glands to trigger their proper and vital function in order to enhance mental clarity and overall health.

How To Perform Kundalini Yoga

Sit in the Easy Pose.

Straighten your spine and extend both arms forward and parallel to the ground.

Make a fist with your right hand and wrap your left hand’s fingers around it.

The bases of both palms should be touching, with the thumbs pulled straight up and together.

Focus both eyes on your thumbs.Start inhaling for five seconds and without suppressing your breath, exhale for five, followed by holding your breath for a full 15 seconds.

Repeat this breath work or ‘pranayama’ and begin with three to five minutes until you reach 11 minutes. Once you get the hang of it, try holding your breath out for one whole minute.


Perform this yoga on empty stomach.

A Silent place is best to perform this yoga.

Twice a day with atleast 5 repetition would give an awesome result.

Have meals after an hour of this practice.

Water intake is however allowed.