This therapy has no side effects as no medicines / pills are employed, therefore making it totally safe for all ages.

Dr Ann Wigmore, a pioneer of wheatgrass therapy, has been using it to help people recover from chronic illnesses for the past three decades. As far back as 1940, Dr Benjamin Cruskin said in The American Journal of Surgery that wheatgrass juice has chlorophyll that neutralizes infections, heals wounds, overcomes inflammations and gets rid of parasitic infections.

A Study at theUniversity of California showed that wheatgrass contains an enzyme (P4D1) capable of repairing faulty DNA.  and Wheatgrass also contains-

Two CANCER fighting substances:(1). Abscissic acid ( the “healing power” chlorophyll from wheatgrass contains an ingredient called abscissic acid, which kills many cancer cells immediately on contact,a plant hormone along with Selenium, SOD, Laetrile (B-17) that stops the multiplication of cancer cells and destroys those already in existence..thus prevention and Cure of Cancer…and (2). Indole, which helps fight tumors.The best part is that it has ‘live enzymes’. Each enzyme performs a specific function within the body in conjunction with other enzymes and they control all the bodily functions.

Diabetes:When taken before a meal, Fiber in wheatgrass regulates absorption of sugar and cholesterol. This will prevent sudden rise of blood sugar level, which is commonly experienced by diabetic patients after a meal.

Wheatgrass contains high level of Magnesium since this mineral is the central element in chlorophyll.Magnesiumsupplementation has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. Based on current knowledge, magnesium repletion may play a role in delaying type 2 diabetes onset and potentially in warding off its devastating complications  — cardiovascular disease, retinopathy, and nephropathy. Other nutrients in wheatgrass supports energy level and overall health of diabetics.

The 3- most important effects  of  wheatgrass on the human body are:

1. Blood purification
2. Liver detoxification and
3. Colon cleansing.

This is because wheat grass juice is the richest source of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, sodium, sulphur and 22 amino acids,19 Enzimes and 92 Minerals. According to Dr Bernard Jensen, it only takes a few minutes to digest wheat grass juice and doing so uses up very little of the body’s energy.

Wheatgrass is a very good source of Protein, vitamin B-12, Folic acid, and vitamin B-6, trace minerals and contains all essential amino acids. Dehydrated wheat grass has been used for over 50 years as a vitamin and mineral supplements.

Chlorophyll as Green Blood
As we all know the constitution of our blood is a bit alkaline. The proportion of hydrogen molecules (ph) in it is 7.4. Similarly wheat grass is also alkaline and its pH is, too, 7.4. That is the reason why wheat grass is quickly absorbed in the blood and is therefore beneficial to our body. Hence it is perfectly logical to surmise that wheat grass should cure anemia. We know that anemia is the state of body in which hemoglobin percentage becomes alarmingly low. It is so because chlorophyll and hemin have similar chemical composition.

Moreover chlorophyll is a potent germicidal substance. It destroys certain type of germs that are responsible for spreading certain diseases and paralyses some others which are equally dangerous for us…Wheat grass is also called as “Green Blood” because its close structural similarity to Hemoglobin. Wheat grass contains many nutritious and prophylactic ingredients. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B, E, K, Laetrile (Vitamin B17 – which has a marked anti-cancer effect) and several useful enzymes.
Try * WG Therapy * for:

*Help Fight Cancer any type.
*Good bye Constipation,*Increase Hemoglobin / Blood.*Weight-Loss Without Medicines.
Wheatgrass Powder is a Natural Health Care Product
1. By reducing Cholesterol, it lowers High Blood Pressure.
2. By influencing Insulin Growth Factor (IGF), it balances Glucose level.
3. By purifying Blood and increasing White & Red Blood  Cell count, it help eliminate Cancer
4. Good for Nutritional Deficiency, Weight Loss/Gain, Helps remove Constipation, Menopause problems.
5. Improves Liver, Lungs, Heart and Kidney functions.
6. Cleanses your body and increases Oxygen level & more….

Use Wheatgrass Powder Tablets – Live Healthier.Wheat grass’s Life saving substances:

* Vitamin A -(as Natural Beta Carotene) for improved eye health and to guard against infection;* Vitamin B-2 -(Riboflavin) to aid in the release of energy from foods and promote normal growth   and development;
* Vitamin C – to guard against cardiovascular disease, boost immunity, aid in wound healing, help form    collagen in connective tissues;
* Vitamin D- to maintain blood levels of calcium and promote its absorption;
* Vitamin K – for proper bone and blood function;
* Calcium – for strong bones and teeth, efficient blood clotting,nerve cell transmission    and health muscle contractions;
* Potassium – for proper electrolyte and fluid balance;
* Iron- for stimulation of the bone marrow of hemoglobin (red-blood cell that carries oxygen to other cells)

In case you don’t find any immediate relief, try this therapy for at least 30 days at a stretch.Only then it can have its full effects. Always remember that such sort of therapy is not like an antibiotic treatment to show its effect immediately. But it does clean the system better only when you have patience and faith.
According to Ann Wigmore, the founder of wheatgrass healing, wheatgrass juice:
*cleanses and builds your blood,*improves skin and hair,
*builds muscle and endurance
*fights infections,
*lowers blood pressure,
*dissolves tumors,
*acts as an appetite suppressant.
The nutrition in 2 oz of wheatgrass is equivalent to more than 5 lbs. of dark leafy greens

Strengthens red blood cells
Lowers blood pressure
Creates alkalinity in the blood
Detoxifies the liver
Stimulates the thyroid
Neutralizes toxins
Increases energy levels when consumed daily
Cleans the colon
Removes heavy metals from the body
Eases sore throats when gargled
Stops growth of bacteria (the bad kind)
Oxygenates the cells
Improves strength and vitality
Promotes fertility
Promotes regular bowel movements
Promotes youthfulness
Learn to Grow Wheatgrass at Home

1. Most important thing is to get best available wheatgrass seeds. Look for large, equal size and white colored wheatgrass seeds.

2. Get seeds cleaned for insects and dirt.

3. Wash seeds thoroughly with water for 3- 4 times.

4. Soak the seeds for 8 to 12 hours using a glass jar or any container

5. Drain the water completely and keep the seeds for germination for 48 hours.

6. Water the seeds every 8 hours and drain the water completely during the process of germination.

7. After 48 hours spread the germinated seed in any tray with holes. You can take any  food grade plastic tray or earthen pot and make hole in it to drain the excess water.

8. You can use soil as a growing medium or you can also grow wheatgrass without use of soil. In case you decide to go for soil less, use a thin foam sheet or kitchen paper towel spread in base of container to hold the moisture for seeds.

9. Take care to not break the white tails while spreading the seeds in the tray. Spread the seed in way that it touches each other but no overlap each other.

10. Keep the tray in cool and dark place for another 48 hours for formation of roots.

11. Daily water the tray with a sprayer so seed do not get dry. But do not let water stand in the tray else seed will rot or mold will be formed in the tray.

12. Use a fan to circulate air if humidity is more in that area.13. you will see  the wheatgrass growing faster after 4th day.

14. Daily water the tray 2 or 3 times taking care that all the excess water is drained.

15. Harvest the tray on 7 – 8 day to get maximum nutrients from the wheatgrass.

Important things to be taken care for success in Growing quality wheatgrass at home.

> Always use good quality seed for  better wheatgrass.
> Keep temperature around 21 degree Celsius.
> Water should not be logged in tray at any time else it will  allow formation of molds.
> Do not keep wheatgrass in direct sunlight, keep it near window so indirect sunlight falls on it on 5 – 6 8and 7th day.

We wish you best of health using your home grown wheatgrass.Always use masticating juicer to get real benefit of wheatgrass.
How to grow wheat grass at home
How To Juice The Wheatgrass: It is advisable not to use mixer, grinders or blenders to juice the wheatgrass as the rapid blade movement oxidizes the chlorophyll and will make the wheatgrass useless. It is better to manually mince the grass on a stone grinder or with a mortal and pestle. You may also use electric juicer.Cut the grass ½ “above the soil surface with the help of a knife or scissors.If using the juicer then take out the juice as described in the juicer manual. In case you are using mortal and pestle, first chop the leaves and while adding little water at a time, grind it into a fine paste. Then using a clean muslin cloth, strain the juice in a cup. Again repeat the process using the same leaves till the grass turns white.
Wheatgrass Dosage
Fresh Wheatgrass Doses

People opting for fresh Wheetgrass Juice needs to take 30 ml per dose which require approx. 70 gm of fresh wheetgrass for juicing up. Always take doses as prescribed by your Doctor.

For general health enhancement and adding nutrients to our diet we can take one dose in morning and other does in evening.

For other Health condition and for using wheetgrass for weight loss or Gain or weight correction please take advice of your doctor In other health condition the usual doses ranges from 3 to 4 times a day till satisfactory result are obtained.Wheatgrass get absorbed by the body in 40 to 50 minutes and it is adviced to take it in empty stomach. Some people do not like it’s grassy taste so they can take it with fruit juice or mix it with salad and to our food.Some people might experience nausea and irregular bowl movement due to its cleaning effect. In such condition reduce the quantity of juice and increase it quantity gradually thus allowing body to adopt to it.It is totally  safe for children who can be given 1/3 to 1/2 of doses consumed by adult.

Juicing of Wheatgrass It is important to use Wheatgrass Juicer rather than the commonly used high RPM ( revolution per minute ) kitchen Mixer Grinder. These high speed Mixer operates at 1000 to 1200 RPM which break up the molecular structure of wheatgrass and oxidize it’s nutrients converting it to foam.Wheatgrass juicer are available in two types i.e. manual and electric one. These wheatgrass juicer operates RPM below 80 which doesnot result in loss of nutrients.

Organic Wheatgrass Powder Doses

Doses for organic certified Wheatgrass powder is sme as fresh wheatgrass except you take one measure spoon amounting to 3 gm. Just mix the Wheatgrass powder with lukewarm water and take it in empty stomach.It is convenient to take as it does not require you to juice up the wheatgrass and you are sure of the quality as it is from reputed organisation who are in this field for last 15 years and have indian organic and US organic Certifications.