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The Sanskrit word mudra can be translated as “to seal, close, or lock up” or “gesture, symbol, expression of”….
Mudras in yoga are the combination of subtle physical movements which alter mood, attitude and perception, and which deepens the  awareness and concentration.

In scientific terms, mudras provide a means  to access and influence the unconscious reflexes and primal, instinctive habit patterns that originate in the primitive areas of the brain around the brain stem.

They establish a subtle, non-intellectual connection with these areas. Each mudra sets up a different link and has a correspondingly different effect on the body and mind. The aim is to create fixed, repetitive postures and gestures which can snap the practitioner out of instinctive habit patterns and establish a more refined consciousness.

“What is Hast Mudra”
Hasta mudras or “hand gestures” are psychic, emotional, devotional or aesthetic hand position that apply pressure on the different areas of the  hands and fingers, and they have been used for many centuries throughout the entire world.

Hasta mudras are the most common and numerous of the categories of yogic mudras. The human hand contains about 100,000 nerves and each fingertip has about 3,000 (!) nerve receptors, just under the surface of the skin. In the brain the hand takes up a very large proportion of the brain’s cortex, and each area of the hand is linked to a different part of the brain.

When we apply pressure to the fingers and hands, we stimulate related brain areas. So we use hasta mudras to activate pressure points, give messages to the body-mind energy system and change brain patterns.

As we all know that the entire universe is made up of five elements but let me tell you that even our body is made up of five elements which is represented by our five fingers.

Our body comprises of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Sky. And as  said earlier that they are represented by fingers so every finger has their own arena.

Like Our thumb represents fire.
Index finger is for air.
Middle finger stands for space
Ring finger symbolizes the mother earth
And lastly little finger is represented by water.

It is proved with the help of science that synchronization of these five elements pedals, helps in the functioning of our internal work of body parts.
Well we can’t mention but there is some amazing energy that gets triggered as we practice this Mudra regularly which makes healthy and fit.
I don’t need actually to tell but every heart and brain knows that to remain healthy and devoid from sickness we need to balance all the elements of our body. As there is any misbalance in with their coordination it welcomes illness.


1. Gyan Mudra also known as Mudra of Knowledge:
Gyan MudraAs the name of type depicts its importance, Mudra of knowledge enhances your brain power.
This exercise will help in sharpening your brain and boost the memory power.
It acts greatly to improve your concentration level but at the same time puts you to good sleep guarding your body against insomnia.
Well, no doubt all this is achieved by regular practice but daily practice will also help to fight against mental hysteria, anger and depression.
There is specific method to practice all this Mudra hence Gyan Mudra is practiced in following way;
Bring in contact the tip of thumb with the tip of forefinger and leaving the rest three fingers extended out.
As we have mentioned that this Mudra helps in promoting the well being of brain and knowledge the tip of thumb comprises the core of pituitary gland and endocrine gland. Now when these two glands are constricted together both the glands get activated parallel.
And the biggest forte of this Mudra is that you can perform this anytime and anywhere and with no restriction of time. So time is definitely is not the excuse that will keep you or your kids away from this simple exercise.
As well as it is very simple which even your kids can perform without your assistance.


2. Prithvi Mudra which is called as Mudra of Earth:
Prithvi MudraFrom ancient times earth is known as mother. Mother earth heals all problems. Even earth is represented as the sign of calmness and coolness. The earth has huge power to soothe the body elements.
Likewise performing Prithvi Mudra helps you to remain lively and healthy.
It has amazing effects on the people suffering from anemia and boosts their body to gain weight.
Well, most importantly all the beautiful girls who are reading please bring your attention as this Mudra helps in glowing your skin and beautify your complexion.
Yeah now I know that your heart is plunging to get he information on how to practice then just follow this simple method.
Get your tip of the finger in contact with the tip of thumb. While bringing these fingers in touch free out the rest three fingers stretched.
As this Mudra is very beneficial is restoring your weight back it is very beneficial during the sickness as it is the time when body suffers from major weakness.
And even this Mudra can be performed anytime of the day in any motion.


3. Varuna Mudra also recognized as Mudra of Water:
Varuna MudraEveryone knows our body is 60 % made up of water. And it is the most vital element of our body. There are innumerable benefits of water in the body. Water helps out in flushing all the toxins from the body making a smooth way for all the nutrients and the red blood cells. As they reach the organs safely its helps in proper blood circulation. Like we all know kids frequently skip water and sip some stupid carbonated drinks which hammer their health. So it is very important for kids to drink lots of water and avoid consuming carbonated drinks.
Well this method is not useful for kids but works amazingly on adults.
This Mudra balances the water content in the body levels and guards our body against all the ailments
Lack of water kills the moisture in skin and causes all kinds of skin irritation hence performing all this Mudra will regain the level of water in your body keeping you away from these ailments.
As this helps in blood circulation it also preserves the clarity of blood and travel smoothly to all the organs of the body.
Regular practice of Varuna Mudra helps in Gastroenteritis troubles and Muscle Shrinkage
Well the method you need to adapt for this Mudra is as follows:
Let the tip of   your little finger feel the tip of your thumb, and rest your three fingers extended in air.
Even this Mudra can be performed any time and anyplace.


4. Vayu Mudra commonly known as Mudra of Air:
Vayu MudraVayu Mudra the name itself mentions its properties. It is related to air. I will sound dumb
If I tell you that we need air to breathe. But yes we just don’t need air to breathe we need pure air to breathe, that is free from pollution which is actually next  to impossible in today’s world. Our lifestyle have make us so addicted to easy transport system and even many other factors that are responsible for damaging environment.
Our kids and we regularly breathe in the same atmosphere. And if we need to stay away from pollution we will actually need to discover a new continent on the globe. We definitely cannot do this but we can definitely guard our body against all the troubles caused by air pollution.
The most important uses of this Mudra are that it refrain all the people suffering from gas troubles which disturbs you intestinal organ of the body.
It actually guards you from all ailments that are caused by the inhaling impure air.
Vayu Mudra is very helpful to the people suffering from Rheumatism, Arthritis and Parkinson’s disease.
To our surprise it is also beneficial for cervical spondylitis.
And if you have got a catch in your neck this Mudra is the best solution to get relieved.
The step to follow this Mudra is:
Pushing thumb place the forefinger on the base of thumb while retaining the rest three fingers straight.
Vayu Mudra if practiced for forty five minutes lessens the intensity of the trouble in twelve to twenty four hours. And within two months they give amazing results.


5. Shunya Mudra known as Mudra of Emptiness:
Shunya MudraIt is Sanskrit word for nothingness and void, Shunya Mudra represents the emptiness. It is very important yoga Mudra which has amazing benefits.
It is proved in providing relief to ear ache and in within a span of four to five minutes.
This Mudra is mainly used in treatment of deaf and mentally challenged children but they cannot be used for inbred cases.
Shunya Mudra has amazing effects on the dull moods.
Mudra of Emptiness can be practiced in following steps:
Locate your second finger that is the middle finger at the mount of Venus while pressing it with thumb.
An individual can practice it for almost forty to sixty minutes regularly to heal the disease



Dr Fatema Mandviwala