Laundry is that one household chore that never seems to go off of your to-do list. Along with being a household chore, laundry is also a regular chore at hospitals, hotels, laundries etc.

In a race against piles of dirty clothing, one needs a laundry detergent that works effectively for his or her clothing.

Our naturally clean cleanser is ideal not just for hand washing clothes but also can be used in top loading machines. It removes stains and dirt, keeping the clothes fresh and clean, without leaving any irritation for one’s skin. It seeks out dirt and is tough on the stains which will give you great results in both cold and hot water and in the washing machine and manual wash. Just a small quantity of this detergent will be sufficient.


  1. No residue left on the linen
  2. Controlled foam
  3. Free of enzymes, phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum ingredients
  4. Low studding: Great for top loading and front loading machines and hand-washing
  5. Doesn’t irritate skin



Now you can get amazingly clean laundry without any stains. ZymBright Liquid Laundry Detergent features an exclusive enzyme system that gently washes out the toughest stains without weakening most delicate fabrics. This remarkable formula reduces environmental impact of a liquid laundry detergent without compromising performance.

ZymBright Liquid Laundry Detergent disperses quickly and evenly into water to lift soil and stains without re-depositing dirt onto clean clothes. Its advanced enzyme system removes starches, proteins, and food gums. In addition, it contains optical brightener to keep new clothes looking bright and clean.

ZymBright Liquid Laundry Detergent leaves your laundry clean, bright, and fresh.


  1. Suitable to breakdown protein bounded stains like milk, blood, food residues; fatty stains like oil, grease; carbohydrate stains like chocolate, starch, etc. and fibrous stains.
  2. Free of phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum ingredients



Multi-purpose cleaners carry the load of not just one’s housework, but also that of hotels, offices, restaurants and even hospitals.

A multi-purpose cleaner typically does away with many of the hassles associated with cleaning. No need to store five separate bottles of expensive cleaning products, when just the one will do!

A good multi-purpose cleaner will work on multiple surfaces and accomplish many types of cleaning needs in the home.

From cleaning walls, to floors and furniture, our all purpose cleaner powers through grease, grime and dirt. An excellent product that cleans and deodorizes in one step. An economical, non- corrosive, non-toxic and non flammable cleaner that can be used for many different kinds of cleaning jobs around the house. It is even safe to use on painted surfaces. Available in multiple colors and fragrances.


  1. Highly concentrated nature makes the product extremely economical
  2. Great for use in scrubbers, mop buckets, or spray bottles after dilution
  3. Free of enzymes, phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum ingredients
  4. Leaves surface sparkling clean
  5. Doesn’t irritate skin


Cleaning the floor can be the most woeful of chores—and most of you wouldn’t mind a small miracle to ease the agony.

If you use conventional cleaning products on your floor, it is like swishing and swashing potentially toxic chemicals across the largest surface area of your home, which in turn is terrible for your health and environment.

Dirt from the street collects on your feet and gets tracked into your house dozens of times a day. The little dumps, spills, and heel marks of daily living accumulate with startling speed.

Here is a concentrated floor cleaner, with a low foaming property which gets your floors shiny clean. Without the harsh chemicals, this cleanser is easy on your hands bringing no irritation to one’s skin. A small amount of the cleaner with no requirement of rinsing will give you the efficient solution to remove the stains and bacteria off your floors. Keeps any floor surface free of enzymes, phosphates, chlorine and petroleum ingredients.

When it comes to a convenient, cost effective and an all-in-one surface cleaner you don’t need to look to far away.



  1. Easy dilution in cold water for low end-use cost
  2. Removes dirt and grease easily
  3. No damage to the floor finish
  4. No rinsing required
  5. Free of enzymes, phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum ingredients
  6. Cost effective
  7. Application method: Mop