Home Remedy for Cellulitis

Cellulitis can occur on any area of the body, though it is most prevalent on the legs, specifically the ankles and shins.
Cellulitis is a bacterial skin infection caused by the bacteria streptococcus and staphylococcus. Although common, if left untreated it is potentially fatal. It can occur on any area of the body, though it is most prevalent on the legs, specifically the ankles and shins. Treatment with antibiotics such as cepahlexin is necessary and the only way to destroy the bacteria; however, there are a number of lifestyle and home remedies that can be used to help prevent the infection from occurring, as well as alternative treatments to strengthen the immune system and maintain healthy skin.

Causes and Symptoms

Cellulitis typically enters through a cut or scrape.The cause of cellulitis is bacteria that enter the blood stream through any type of breakage in the skin. In addition to the common bacteria streptococcus and staphylococcus, cellulitis can be caused by the far more serious antibiotic-resistant staphylococcus aureus strain. It typically enters through a cut or scrape in the leg, although other possible methods of entry include puncture wounds, spider bites and athlete’s foot, among others.

The primary symptoms of cellulitis include areas of red, swollen skin that may be warm or tender to the touch. This may be accompanied by a fever, malaise and aches and pains. As the condition progresses, the redness may begin to spread out, and little red dots may appear on the surface of the affected skin. Although not as common, blisters may also form.

Home Treatment

Take special care of any wound in the skin, clean with soap and water.Given the seriousness of cellulitis and the necessity of antibiotics to treat it, treatment that can be administered at home is heavily focused on prevention. As the bacteria that cause cellulitis enter through the skin, it is recommended to take special care of any wound in the skin. This involves cleaning it with soap and water, combined with a topical antibiotic such as Neosporin. Once clean, a bandage should be applied and changed regularly. If any signs of infection occur, see a doctor immediately. Over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be used to help alleviate pain and swelling.

If you’re a diabetic, the potential for skin infections is increased through poor circulation, and as such proper skin care is very important. This involves the regular use of moisturizer and promptly taking care of (cleaning, bandaging, etc.) any open wounds or sores.

Tips To Cure Cellulitis Naturally


Pycnogenol is an herb that has been extracted from the bark of a pine tree; is a significant natural cure for cellulitis. On treating, it promotes the skin health thereby bringing the bacterial activities to null.



Garlic, best known for anti-bacterial activities helps in destroying the bacteria causing skin infection. It has to be consumed directly or in the form oil until the infected person is cured from contamination.



Goldenseal is the natural cure for cellulitis that is rich in anti-inflammatory action. It has to be powdered and made in the form of paste, which has to be applied on the infected skin. This treatment will increase the look and health of skin by reversing the bacterial action.



Another best natural cure for cellulitis is Echinacea that helps in improving the immune action against bacteria. When this cure has been taken by the patient, it acts immediately to stop the growth of infection by improving the organic structure of the person.



Rosemary & Fennel Oil

Rosemary & Fennel Oil mix acts as an effective skin lubricant in improving its health. The mix has to be applied daily on the infected area until the skin issues completely vanish.




Yoghurt, the fermented form of milk acts on skin infection by eliminating the bacterial actions. The infected person has to consume two cups of this natural cure that increases the good bacteria count in the body and helps in building the immune system effectively.



Pineapple is the natural cure for cellulitis as it contains an enzyme named bromelain. Pineapple has to be consumed in supplement form as a part of daily diet to remove the cellulitis completely.




Caledula is an effective healing and soothing agent for curing skin inflammation. It has to be converted into a paste and has to be applied on the infected skin that improves the healing process. It can also be consumed in the form of tea in a cup of water that promotes skin shine and strength.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil (TTO) is known for anti-bacterial and acidic properties that are necessary for curing cellulitis. This natural cure for cellulitis has to be applied by diluting with olive oil or water on the infected skin. This has to be done thrice a day to get positive outputs against bacterial infection.




Water is an efficient and prominent cure against bacterial infections caused on human body. By taking large amount of water, the bad bacteria are flushed out by constant urination that decreases bad effects on skin.