Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks:
• Stretch marks usually appear on:
o Abdomen
o Back
o Waist
o Arms
o Hips
o Breast
o Lower back
o Legs

Symptoms to look for:
• Stretch marks are thick red or purple lines on the skin
• Over time, these lines fade to white or silver in colour

• Skin is made up of elastin, which is a soft elastic tissue. It makes the skin soft, supple and stretchable.
Over-stretching of skin damages elastin resulting in stretch marks.
• Sudden weight change
• Rapid body growth during teenage
• Pregnancy

Natural home remedy using apricots:
1. Cut and remove seeds of 2-3 apricots
2. Crush them to paste
3. Apply this paste on the marks
4. Leave it for 20 min
5. Wash it off with lukewarm water
6. Repeat this regularly for 1 month

Natural home remedy using aloe vera:
1. Aloe vera has plant collagen which repairs the skin.
2. Remove the thorns and outer skin of a few aloe vera leaves
3. Extract the gel from inside
4. Apply this gel on the stretch marks
5. Leave it for 2 hr
6. Wash it off with normal water

Natural home remedy using lavender oil, chamomile oil and almond oil:
1. Take ½ tsp lavender oil
2. Add ½ tsp chamomile oil
3. Add 2 tsp almond oil
4. Mix well
5. Apply on the stretch marks

• Apply petroleum jelly on the abdomen during pregnancy